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Getting the Right Fit


Bangle sizing is more about the size of the hand than the wrist - a bangle needs to be able to fit over the hand, but needs to be a bit tight as it goes over it, so that it doesn't fall off.

For the majority of people a medium sized bangle will fit just fine, but if you think your hands might be a little larger or smaller than average, follow these steps to get a better idea of the correct size.

  1. First take a piece of string or cord that you can use to measure the circumference of your hand at its narrowest - the size and shape it will be when you're putting your bangle on. Squeeze your hand tightly together and wrap the cord around it at its widest point.
  2. Take a measurement of where the two ends meet on the cord - this is more or less the circumference of your hand. You might want to repeat steps 1 and two 2 or three times and take the average of them.
  3. Now compare your measurement with the size guide (step three on the right). Select the size closest to the measurement you've taken - you can perhaps chose a size that is half a centimetre smaller than your measurement.


The standard size of all our bracelets is somewhere between 20 - 21cm depending on the particular link. We're no more precise than this simply because bracelet sizing is very forgiving; the fit is naturally loose and clasps mean there's no need to worry too much about hand size.

If you think you might need something a little larger or smaller, or just want to get an idea of fit, you can follow these steps: Take a piece of string and wrap it loosely around your wrist, then measure it. Alternatively, a 20 - 21cm length of string, and see how that feels around your wrist.

Necklaces and Pendants

The length of a necklace or chain contributes a lot to the style of a piece of jewellery and the choice is often one of personal preference. Pendant are most commonly strung on 18' chains, which suits their delicate nature and ensures they remain practical. Some people prefer a longer chain, which work particularly well on heavier or more dramatic pieces.

All our pendants are available on 16" and 18" chains as standard. The most popular option is 18", while the slightly shorter 16" option is ideal for women with a narrower neck profile or who like to wear their pendants a little higher.

Our bespoke necklaces are made up of links in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes and consequently vary in length. Generally, however, these are between 18" and 20", although many are suitable for longer lengths.

The diagram on the left gives you some idea of the fit of different chain lengths. Whatever, your preference we're able to provide a necklace or chain to suit.